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Electronic wallets
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The electronic wallet! Our robust e-wallet solution

What is an e-wallet?

The electronic wallet or e-wallet is simply an account where an individual,an enterprise or organisation stores digital money so as to make daily financial transactions.

These include Retail transactions,Utility payments,e-Commerce and online shopping,Airtime and internet/data purchase ,Bulk payments,Bulk cash collections,e-Vouchers,Payroll management,automated reconciliations, instant account opening among others.

  • Our wallet makes it easy to securely send and receive payments through mobile money and Bank trasfer.
  • We offer Unlimited transfers by account holders.
  • Customers can easily pay of items to busineses,perform utility payments,Airtime and Internet purchase among others.
  • Businesses can receive payments made by their customers easily.
  • Make the best use of your digital cash by enrolling your business and becoming part of our e-wallet e-ecosystem.


Bulk Collections

We focus on providing robust e-wallets for individuals and businesses.
We make cash collections via bank and mobile money flexible, thus promoting business growth through proper financial processing and management.
Our clients are able to perform real time collections and perform automatic reconciliations, thus reducing challenges of cash like accounting errors and theft.

Bulk Payments

Cash outflows are a necessity in every level of business. This can include a business that wants to pay its workes(payroll management),a school that needs to offer pocket money to various students,a fuel station seeking to give commissions to fuel workers,etc
Our electronic wallet makes cashing out money to multiple entities very easy,realtime,flexible and seamless and as a result promoting effeciency in financial processing for a business.


We handle e-Voucher systems and offer flexible cash transactions for wallet account holders though the provided digital wallets.

Payment Transparency

We make it our responsibility to offer a high degree of payment transparency for all transactions done using our digital wallets.

Unlimited cash Transfers

Clients and wallet account holders are able to transfer cash at anytime and in any amounts within our ecosystem.
Individuals and businesses are able to make payments and receive cash easily.

Automated Reconciliation

Reconciliation is a very important asset in finances. If not properly done, it can lead to costly mistakes and fraud.
We handle reconciliations easily and save time that can be wasted if the process was manually done.

Automated Sales and business analysis

Every business man needs sales and business analysis as they go about with their businesses.
We offer flexible and reliable business analysis though our digital/electronic wallets.

Realtime Reporting

Our clients and wallet account holders, businesses and individuals dont have to worry about financial transaction reporting.
We offer on-demand account reporting to which builds trust in our transaction eco-system.

Customized Enterprise Solutions

Apart from offering a robust wallet to clients, we also develop customized financial applications that target business transaction processing.
In addition, we offer a developer API to help developers intergrate the digital wallet functionality into their custom applications.

Community growth and Mentorship

In an attempt to promote financial effeciency in every business, we offer finacial education through online meetings and seminars,visiting communities and educating them on the importance of proper financial management and how it impacts their daily lives and businesses as well.


Our e-wallet solution

We create wallets and handle financial transactions for individuals, small enterprises, mid-sized firms and large organisations.

Our wallet solution is called Springpesa, a very robust e-wallet solution that can be used by anyone, to meet their daily financial needs.

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Be part of our e-wallet ecosystem

We offer convenience and affordable transactions where account holders have the ability to pay for services using a smartphone or web access and business men are able to receive payment for their goods and services from customers.In addition, we try to solve challenges of physical cash which can include theft,lack of accountability,fraud , transactional and accounting erros etc.

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